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At EASY / SURF our boundless dedication to watersports like windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP continues. We're pleased to talk with you, no matter if you're a beginner or expert - with the same passion about our passion.

EASY / SURF is one of the largest supplier of all kinds of pleasure toys that you can take to the water and have fun. We offer you a huge collection of products coming from prime kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP and wetsuits manufacturers. Please visit the specific categories in order to find the best equipment for your wind-sun-water-driven advantures.
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Bart set up EASY / SURF company several years ago as an idea of staying close to wind sports, and after finishing his career as a racer in sailing. Bart still manages all things, especially those fundamental. He's responsible for relations with all suppliers plus takes care that the website development is running. Bart is active in his sports by heart which is windsurfing and lately SUP, to stay fit.
Bart's right hand, she's a good friend to Bart and those two understand themselves with no words. Ewa is keen about SUP but she windsurfs from time to time, as these were her roots. Her main commitment is the highest standard of Customer service. And the only goal is to get better and better. Her energy is so vital that there's always something happening around her. She's also company's social media keeper and takes care for all customer relationships.
He keeps the warehouse and shippments organised. A windsurfer, wakeboarder and real hokey player. Very nice guy with so positive vibes that once you meet him - you like him immediatly. Lukas is the first guy you come accross when you visit EASY / SURF shop in Poznań. The man you can always relie on.
EASY / SURF's back office really needed girl. Her occupation is to get all things done in time and in proper order. She keeps all shippments, all documentation and all proccesses under control, that the company can flow in right direction with ease. Maga loves kitesurfing and she's quite good on the water, always with a style and a smile. The same like in the office.
Karol is company's kite guru- the man behind the kitesurfing department. He spent 10 years as an instructor and flied like all brands. His knowledge and experience is unbeatable. Just drop him a question and he'll find you the best equipment solution, and always with the best advises and amount of tips you can't read in books.
The man behind the web tech. He makes us function properly and look modern. He heads up the web development team and spends roughly 18 hours a day for coding. He dosn't know a sentence: "I don't know". If you're in doubt - ask Krystian, he knows the best. Windsurfing is his passion, so the only excuse to stop coding is when the wind comes.